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CD: My Vitriol - Secret Sessions *limited numbered* CD

Image of CD: My Vitriol - Secret Sessions *limited numbered* CD


Fanbase exclusive album. Limited numbered release.

1. We’ve Lost Our Way
2. If Only… (God Only Knows)
3. (All These) Days
4. Rest Your Tired Head
5. London City Lights
6. It’s So Damn Easy
7. The Agonies & The Ecstasies
8. Lord Knows How I’ve Tried
9. This Time
10. Nightcall*

YouTube videos of selected tracks:

Som Wardner - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synth, Bass Ravi Kesavaram - Drums, additional synth
Seth Taylor - Additional guitar tracks 1-3 & 9

All lyrics & music composed by Som Wardner
- except track 10 original composition by: Kavinsky

Created at Britannia Row Studios & MVHQ by
Som Wardner - Production, Mixing, Additional engineering/editing
Ravi Kesavaram - Mastering, Additional production/mixing/editing
Davide M Venco - Recording engineering, Additional mixing, General sarkiness
Marie-Anne Cavache & Sam Egglenton - Assistant recording engineering
Paul Hicks - Mixing track 10, Mix engineering track 4, Additional mixing
James Loughrey - Mix engineering tracks 1 & 7, Additional production/mixing, Moral support

Artwork by Craig Gentle & Som Wardner

Thank YOU for keeping us making music